Peace of mind for your child's commute.

BusMinder provides the security of knowing your child has boarded their bus and arrived safely at their destination. Using real-time information, BusMinder lets you know exactly where your child is at any point during their commute.

Using BusMinder, parents will know if their child:

  • Misses the bus
  • Boards the wrong bus
  • Is left behind
  • Disembarks at a non-approved location

BusMinder lets you know exactly where your child is at any point during their commute and sends confirmation of boarding and arrival to your smart phone.

Mum looking at phone

Track and Monitor

Ensure your child is on the right bus and view the bus location in real time.

Setting alerts

Receive an optional alert evey time your child boards or disembarks.


Top up your students bus pass using the app.

Track and Monitor

Each time your child boards or alights the school bus, they will be required to tap their BusMinder card onto an electronic card reader. Each time this happens, an instant alert will be sent to your mobile phone via the BusMinder app, showing that your child has safely boarded. You will receive a second alert once they arrive at their destination.

Using GPS technology, parents can view the location of the school bus throughout its route, making tracking your child's bus journey easy and simple to follow.

Setting Alerts

BusMinder allows parents to set personalised alerts to prepare them for the morning departure and afternoon arrival of the school bus. The BusMinder app will inform you of how many minutes the school bus is from your designated bus stop and alert you when the bus is close by - simply choose the bus route, select your nearest bus stop and set the alert duration.

We love using the BusMinder app – knowing exactly where my son is while travelling to and from school provides peace of mind. I also love the phone reminders each morning – it lets us know how far away the bus is and he hasn't missed it since!

– Jenny, Parent at Overnewton Anglican Community College